Translation for Coexisting

Size: Dimension variable
Material: Birdcage, microphone, amplifier, speakers, computer and custom program
Year: 2002, An-ping Shu-Wu [ Tainan, Taiwan ]


Microphone and speakers connected to a computer are hanging from a tree. When a person speaks into the microphone, the computer changes his or her voice into a bird’s voice. The computer generates different bird voices according to the speaker’s voice volume, speed, sharpness, pitch and tone, as analyzed by a custom-made program. It is designed to “translate” the speaker’s mood or feeling into a suitable bird’s voice for communicating with birds that live around the Shu-Wu area.
Many birdcages are put in this space, as an old tool to restrain the bird. On the other hand a hi-tech system is also used as a tool to call the bird. Two different kind of tools for the same purpose – to communicate with the bird – are confronting in one space.